Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Referral Partner(s) Identify Prospective Applicants

Applications to the fund will be made on behalf of applicants by trusted referral partners in East Lothian (e.g., local authority, housing associations, third sector partners, etc.). Individual applicants can also contact us directly for support in accessing the fund or complete a "Household Application Form".

Step 2

Referral Partners Verify Eligibility and Gather Evidence

Referral partners will be required to confirm that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria. Referral partners will also be responsible for ensuring that the applicant(s) eligibility and need is further evidenced by holding the relevant documentation.

Step 3

Referral Partners Submit Application

After the relevant evidence has been gathered, applications will be submitted online. Advice Direct Scotland will respond to referral partner applications within 3 working days.

Step 4

Receipt and Verification of Application is Sent

Following successful submission, receipt and verification of the application will be sent within seven working days, along with a request for further information if necessary.

Step 5

Funding Decision is Made and Communicated

A funding decision will then be made. If the application is successful, referral partners or individual applicants will be notified via email or portal notification, and payments will be made to supplier(s) / vouchers will be issued.